At Griffiths Mechanical Contracting,

Our Goal is Zero Accidents and

We are Committed to it! 


 Griffiths Safety and Health Management Program is

Professionally designed and written

Specific for Griffiths operations

Comprehensive for all MIOSHA construction standards

Implemented and supported by top management

Integrated with procedures for insurance loss control

 Griffiths Safety Operations

Actively involve all Griffiths employees in all aspects of safety 

Assess hazards before they occur and throughout each job

Identify and ensure use of appropriate safety control measures

Coordinates with other contractors’ safety needs and hazards

  Griffiths Safety Training

Includes all safety issues related to Griffiths operations

Is done by experienced safety and construction professionals 

Is provided for all employees before and throughout their career with Griffiths

 Safety Topics Include:

General Job Site Safety Rules, Inspections and Corrections

CPR, First Aid and Emergency Action

Hazardous Materials and Right-to-Know

Tool and Equipment Safety

Fall Protection, Ladders and Scaffolds

Respiratory Protection

Confined Space Entry

Electrical Safety and Lock-out Tag-out

Personal Protective Equipment

Fire Prevention and Extinguishers

Fork Lifts, Heavy Equipment and Vehicles

Asbestos, Lead, Cadmium and Silica