Residential HVAC

Residential HVAC

residential hvacFor over 25 years, GMCI has been servicing homeowners with heating and air conditioning systems, maintenance and service. You know that your family's summer and winter comfort and health are important priorities. You also know that using energy efficiently will make better use of your money. The heating and cooling technology today is far more energy efficient than outdated equipment. Did you know that you can improve the air quality in your home? Filtration systems are a cost effective way of improving the air your family breathes.

It Can Pay To Upgrade

The latest technology in HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) is designed to be considerably more efficient than any other outdated systems. With efficiency ratings of 95%, a homeowner can considerably lower their monthly heating and cooling bill. But there are even more savings available to the homeowner that has a new high efficiency HVAC system. Your utility company may help you pay for the cost of upgrading to a new high efficiency system.

If you are a DTE Energy, MichCon or Consumers Energy customer, you may qualify for a program that will pay for a portion of the cost of upgrading your heating and cooling and water heating system.

So not only will you be able to enjoy the immediate cost savings of an energy efficient HVAC system, but you'll also save on your tax bill and get a rebate check. Comfortable, clean heating and cooling and more money in your pocket - a good combination!