Rooftop Systems

Rooftop Systems

Rooftop systems offer energy efficiency, reliability and design flexibility. GMCI has installed and serviced rooftop systems for grocery stores, banks, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and a wide variety of others. In projects ranging from 1 1/2 tons to 1500 tons, GMCI is an expert at providing single or multi-zone heating, cooling and ventilation with rooftop systems that give optimal heating and cooling, superior indoor air quality and minimized energy consumption.

Rooftop Replacement

Building owners have two options available to them when it comes to aging rooftop equipment - fix on fail or planned replacement. The "fix on fail" option creates unplanned events that create equipment downtime and the resulting discomfort of occupants and tenants. Enough downtime and tenant dissatisfaction can have the end result of lost revenues, which can add up to real money.

rooftop unit

Replacing outdated rooftop systems can be a wise investment when you consider that you'll pay for less energy and maintenance and improve the value of the building. And there are more benefits.

  • Upgrading your rooftop system also allows you to upgrade your controls, giving you one of the keys to improving energy efficiency and system functioning
  • A new system will allow you to improve indoor air quality
  • Replacing multiple units saves on shipping and installation charges
  • By incrementally replacing multiple units you can harvest expensive motors and compressors for use in remaining older equipment.

bryant, carrier, trane logosSo whether it's new construction or replacing outdated systems, GMCI can provide your facility with the most efficient rooftop systems from manufacturers such as Bryant, Carrier and Trane. For reducing energy costs, improving air quality and reducing maintenance costs and all handled by one of the most dependable and professional mechanical contractors in the GMCI today.