Commercial Systems

Design / Build Services

boiler installGMCI has the capability to design and build a mechanical system that can start providing a return on your investment from the moment it goes into operation. It's a process that provides you with a mechanical system that serves your project exactly as you want it to be served. Most importantly, the design / build process provides you with a project of exceptional value. There are significant advantages to the design / build approach.

  • Owner involvement as the project is designed
  • Energy and maintenance efficiency are built-in to the project
  • Allows your project to start going "green"
  • GMCI insures that all key suppliers and contractors are part of the process
  • Guaranteed maximum price early in the design process
  • Faster build-out of project
  • Better cost control than traditional construction methods
  • You sign one contract with GMCI and we are responsible for the project's success


Because HVAC and mechanical systems can account for 40% to 60% of the energy used in commercial and institutional buildings, it's critical that these systems are designed to be highly efficient. Efficiency is gained not only from the choice of components but also from system layout. And what good is an efficient system unless it provides the optimal level of occupant comfort, heating and cooling and indoor air quality. GMCI has the experience and the team to design and build your mechanical systems to achieve the energy efficiency and occupant comfort goals you have for your project. Working from an initial drawing, a set of general requirements or a site visit, we can come up with a system for you that will function as it's supposed to and keep it within both construction and operational budgets. We work courteously and professionally with project teams such as owners, architects and general contractors to design and install your project's mechanical systems. GMCI takes pride in our thorough understanding of how a system can and should be designed and controlled in order to achieve the best system to satisfy the customer's needs. Contact us for design / build by GMCI...the efficient solution.